Boy Moms

My essay was selected for inclusion in the upcoming release of Boy Moms: Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons!

I have three boys, each of them a little over two years apart. All three were born while I was active duty Navy, and their dad is a Coast Guard veteran. Being a mom while in the military had its challenges, but I could handle it. Transitioning back to civilian life was a whole other story. Get a glimpse of those emotions along with dozens of other stories from moms of boys!

Kara Forney, founder of The Bump and a mom of two boys, wanted to shed light on the modern-day Boy Mom experience. The result: a collection of essays written by moms that explores the truth of raising sons today—sons who may challenge preconceived notions. Who teach you about love in a way you didn’t anticipate, and who unexpectedly change the way you see yourself.

This book is coming out Mother’s Day from Finn-Phyllis Press. Get notified of its release here.

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