Spirits of Falajen

Brisethi Sen Asel just wants peace for her country but making that happen requires her to join the military to change the system from the inside out. In Spirits of Falajen, Brisethi starts her military career and explores her powers, but does she have the strength to keep her inner dragon spirit alive?

Insanely Sane (Querying)

Pleasant Valley Treatment Center. “Sick” kids go in, treated ones come out. When ten teens start exploring their trauma, they start to realize that maybe they aren’t as alone as they thought.

Untitled (In progress)


Kiss of Death (In progress)

Her people were hunted and murdered, but she escaped. Now she wants revenge.

Demons of Falajen

Brisethi Sen Asel and Sulica Nin return in the second installment of Sethi’s Song. While Brisethi is off trying to establish her country’s first alliance, Sulica investigates the disappearance of the Kiaran empress. When their paths cross, can they put aside the past to unearth the conspiracy of an old companion?

Unforgiven (Querying)

Claudia will do anything for her family, even if that means cursing a child. Adelaide and her mother never see eye-to-eye on anything except the garden. When Adelaide’s best friend Belle goes missing, mother and daughter must team up to prevent innocent blood from spilling.

Tears of Falajen (In progress)

The third installment of Sethi’s Song.

The Ace Affair (In progress)

When Grant starts working at the Hardlin Community Center, he expects downtrodden kids and rundown buildings. Not only are the kids lively and determined, Grant’s new boss understands him in ways no one ever has before.