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Jasmine Shouse is the author of many works, most notably the military fantasy series Sethi’s Song, which is co-authored with fellow Navy veteran Ginger Salazar.

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What If It Never Happened?

Hurry up. Kev’s already here. I read Trevor’s text after hopping in my car which was warm from the late summer Texas sun. My uniform itched the back of my neck, and I couldn’t wait to get home to change. I grinned at my phone and sent back a text saying that I just got… Read more “What If It Never Happened?”

Writing as an Escape

Writing helps me create a different world that I can escape to. – Ashwin Sanghi It’s no secret that the world kind of sucks. A better kept secret is just how much we let the suckiness of the world affect us. As a writer, that comes out in words, in the characters that come to… Read more “Writing as an Escape”

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Sethi’s Song, book 1, co-authored with Ginger Salazar

Sethi’s Song, book 2, co-authored with Ginger Salazar

A Vythael tale, based on the Dungeons & Dragons campaign run by @DM_Kyari