I’m the kind of writer who can’t stop thinking about writing


Is writing genetic or learned? Probably a little bit of both. My mother has been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, and, if her journals are any indication (Sorry, Mom!) a talented writer. She published a few articles in a local newsletter several years ago, but that’s about it, much to the misfortune of the world. My father, on the other hand, has at least three books published from his travels and research about everything ranging from Ecuador to lumberjacks.

My own writing covers more of the fanciful realms. I write about dragons in the military fantasy series Sethi’s Song with my amazing co-author Ginger Salazar. I write historical-based and fairy tale retellings and young/new adult stories centered around mental health. I love the nuances of written language and how we can create so many different realms, worlds, and meanings just from a combination of letters.

Not Writing

Joining the Navy was both the best and worst decision of my life. I left home right after high school graduation and became a Spanish linguist. I spent about two weeks qualified in my base position before I asked how to become a report writer. (See? I can’t escape it.) For the following decade, interspersed with a couple of communication schools, that’s what I did. I wrote, edited, and taught. I got married and had three kids and was able to provide for my family. I was on track to become an officer, until medical negligence made it extremely difficult to even function.

Of course, that’s when my brain decided to go haywire too, because why do it when I’m otherwise healthy and could handle resurfacing traumas? After two years of treatment for physical and mental health, I was medically retired and sent on my way.

But it’s not all bad! I fostered 19 dogs in my final two years in the Navy, which is how we ended up with Radar (pictured), and I figured out a way to combine my love of video games with my passion for positive mental health by supporting gaming mental health organizations. Plus, I get a lot more time for my kids, writing, and gaming with no more moving across the country or ocean (or both) every three years. The journey sucked, but the end result isn’t all that bad.