Newsletters are Daunting

You’d think I’d know after 4 years that marketing books is not an easy task. But there is always more to learn! Last night, after meeting with several of the authors with Motina Books, I became inspired and intimidated simultaneously. I’m in amazing company in working with Diane, and I’m severely out of my depths.

So it’s time to start remedying some of that! I’m going to start with a newsletter. I have to set myself some realistic expectations. It’s going to be extremely infrequent because I know myself. I have to figure out some content, but I also need to sort out the tech side of it. I don’t know what service to use, how to use one, or how to get subscribers.

I guess this is the start of a new journey! I’m doing some research into some different newsletter platforms and asking around the different author groups I’m in on what they use. I’d rather use Discord or Guilded, to be honest. Is that an option? I guess I still need the newsletter to tell people how to get to the server, though, huh?

Once I figure out what platform, I need to sort out some content to put in the newsletter. What should I include? Character art? I can’t draw, but I can try to do some graphic concepts. Excerpts? Maybe a sneak peek at my other projects? I have no idea.

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