"For every day that you get up and face life, you are brave and strong."

My works are published in a variety of places, but here’s where you can find some of them.

Brisethi Sen Asel just wants to achieve world peace. Is that so much to ask?
With the Breaking, everything changed. Lost but for a persistent raven, Ahvora sets off on a whole new journey.
Marly ran away to escape her stuffy life, but joining the ship’s crew proves to be more adventure than she expected.
Video games shaped my life, providing an outlet and escape when life became too much. At Gamer’s Resort, we understand that’s exactly what people need when life gets too real.

What People Say

This story is a fun, yet heart-tugging adventure of young women and men on another world with dragons and competing military forces using sailing ships, swords, and gunpowder.The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

About Spirits of Falajen

Salazar’s and Shouse’s military experience absolutely shines through this story, and the political maneuvering and shaping is engaging.

About Demons of Falajen

A gut-level story.

About “Guarding Angel”